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Undervisningsminister Ulla Tørnæs has actually shipped his suggestions about a meritlæreruddannelse to høring by relevant organisations and authorities.

Alas stands FBLDF no at minister walk softly.

FBLDF had why in a way expects that vi too, that the relevant organisation vi in spite of everything is, were been invited to that høringsrunde, however can consequently be satisfied with that be included good advise from kulissen.

Therefore upcoming vort answer to minister that a obviously letter that press release:

Åbent letter to Undervisningsministeriet
att.: Ulla Tørnæs

From "the union to Save from Teachers to The danish Folkeskole" iler vi by that phrase vor heavy gratefulness for the ministry suggestions to a 2- årig læreruddannelse, that offer all interested by documented skolegang/ the assumption.

This initiative is that is to say loaded from sympathetic følgevirkninger by the union members and that other community in particular. Vi shall card name a couple of: By a quotation about a læreruddannelse at 2 år at dagpenge, vil the present 4- årig læreruddannelse at SU and studio, become a saga just. Dermed disappearing the present læreruddannelse and it is there certainly only whole get that bewail. That læreruddannelse is after so mess and utidssvarende, although it is all novel. Consequently smoke the forth and it was sothat.

Catching another 2- årig læreruddannelse actually anses thatsufficiently grounding by education to the school, so is it evident that half-done is velgjort and dermed is there laid a level that fit straight accurately to the present learning and they elendige tjenestetider. Dermed are falling the things in place.

They present teachers has ambitions supplied a worse luck commodity than they're been paid by because of the own job satisfaction and accountability towards the pupils. This is why caused from a læreruddannelse, there mortgage faglighed and quality. Those teachers can be actually make use of they next two år at that add knæhøjde by they new 2- årige teachers, when arbejdsvilkårene and the wage assumingly vil være identically by both sections. A learning is a learning?

Actually gets they present teachers consequently final the Red Cross - pack, that they so for a long time has hope themselves. Actually can be there arrival peace at the workplace. Indirectly has the teachers by this got their faglighed estimate, and the character have been here so hillock, that half could være very likely, consequently down by the level so that upcoming to that agree with they prospective teachers. And there's only two år to assimileringens lesson.

This is from allerstørste importance because that why too reluctantly should walk such, that they new 2- årige gets a realitetschok known the congress by the daily round to folkeskolen, that can be bring about, that too they, straight that a lot of from they new teachers to those år, vil decamp forth to others vocation.

Catching Undervisningsministeriet hope that give "the gentleman from ploven", that people say, alternative to get a læreruddannelse, is it why no weirdie, than it has been ever since the first school doctor from 1814. Dermed gets folkeskolen too supplied a variety from gifts, whatever is from extensive importance to the co-operation between break in and homes.

That can be bring about, that the ancestors role actually transform so, that it is they, there by a extensive part upcoming to that stand by the babies memorizing, because there all the same restrict level, vil være use by veluddannede people to varetagelse from visse jobs to the community.

When a vast majority from the ancestors is worse luck educate than the teachers, can be decent too represent themselves studiekredse, where the ancestors actively injection the teachers novel know. Dermed proves the greater part from the danish population aktører to the danish folkeskole. This can said that secure against the comprehensiveness to the education.

The conclusion at all can være that The union to Save from Teachers to The danish Folkeskole fully forth can be back up about the suggestion to novel meritlæreruddannelse.


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